Pure Design Interiors specializes in residential design.  Creating beautiful & functional spaces with a touch of unexpectedness is our mission.   What's our style?  Almost everything.  Mixing styles, pattern & color is what we do.



Initial Consultation

1 - 2 Hour design consultation allows us to discuss your space, identify needs, style & the overall objective.  Need some advice or guidance? We can also accommodate your DIY questions during this session.  A flat rate fee will apply.

Hourly Rate

You've had your initial consultation & now it's time to get to work. Prefer to do the work on your own but need us here & there?  An hourly rate is just the right solution.

Custom Design

Want us to create or recreate your space?  We'll dream up the design concept just for you.  The design fee will provide you with a custom design including finish & material selections, furniture & fabric specifications, samples to view, CAD drawings, lighting selections, lighting plans & storyboards. The design fee will be determined after the initial consultation.