DESIGN.2.INBOX is what we refer to as our online design services.  We have 3 different offerings based on your budget & needs.  If you have an email account & access to the web we can help you.


Option #1: - $125

"I want the designer look in my home but I don't have the budget to hire an interior designer & and I don't know what goes with what.  I've spent hours online & I am still overwhelmed!  The idea that an interior designer has created a pre-made design that I can purchase is brilliant!" - Client

Pure Design Interiors has created pre-made room designs based on the specified room, color scheme & budget.  The purchased pre-made design will include ( 1 ) storyboard (photos of the selected items) & a shopping list of all items in the design which can be purchased online.  View our shopping cart for our very own custom room designs.

Our designs will change with the season & what's current.  

 Option #2:  - $325

"I need Pure Design Interiors to help me define my style & provide inspiration for my home. I'm stuck but if given the direction, I can do the rest!" - Client

Pure Design Interiors can define your style & translate it through ( 1 ) storyboard (photos of selected items) for your requested space.  You can then use your personalized storyboard as inspiration for style, color, furnishings & accessories when shopping on your own.  We'll supply you with the inspiration & you do the rest! 


Option #3: - Price TBD

"I want Pure Design Interiors to design a room for my home but I don't live in the Phoenix area.  Once I have the custom design in hand, I can carry out the design in my own time.  The idea that I can pay Pure Design Interiors to design for me & I receive all of the information via email is so convenient!" - Client